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The City announced today that Smart911, the public safety service first implemented in 2012, will now offer additional features to enhance communication between the community and public safety agencies.  When a resident or business owner creates a private and secure Safety Profile at www.smart911.com, in addition to providing details about their household to 9-1-1 on emergency calls, Smart911 will now give community members the option to opt-in to receive emergency and general notifications from the City.

This Smart911 option replaces the CodeRed emergency and weather notifications. Since the City of Decatur is no longer using the CodeRed system, all CodeRed users who wish to continue to receive emergency alerts from the city should create a private and secure Safety Profile at www.Smart911.com. (If you have an AT&T land line, that number is already in the system.) Anyone already registered with a Safety Profile at Smart911.com can simply log into their account to opt-in to the new enhanced features.



Have questions? Contact Fire Chief Toni Washington at 404-373-5092 or toni.washington@decaturga.com

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Keep these things in mind while you’re celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence!

Smart911_4th of July_Half Page

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#SecondsSaveLives is a campaign to help raise awareness about 9-1-1 and emergency response, and how every person can plan ahead to help save valuable seconds in an emergency.   In an emergency, seconds can mean the difference between life and death.   What can you do ?

  • Sign Up – Take a few seconds to sign up for Smart911 and give 9-1-1 and responders the information they need to help save seconds in an emergency. Seconds now could save seconds later.
  • Share – Take 5 seconds, share with 5 friends, you could save 5 lives. Share Smart911 and images from this campaign with your family and friends over social media and email and you could win prizes.
  • Submit – Take a few seconds to submit an entry to our social media and video contests and help spread awareness about how #SecondsSaveLives. You could win Amazon gift cards or an iPad Mini.

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Safety Month_Flyer

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This week is National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week in honor of the dedicated EMS professionals who serve our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are so thankful to the emergency medical responders for their around-the-clock dedication to providing emergency care to our residents. They are critical to advancing the health, safety, and well-being of this community. You can help EMS professionals by entering your important information into a Smart911 Safety Profile at www.smart911.com.  A Nashville resident’s life was saved thanks to the information he entered into his Smart911 Safety Profile and to the hardworking EMS professionals who arrived on the scene. Read more about the incident here: http://bit.ly/1hGYsQy.

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Each May, during National Police Week, the U.S. recognizes the service and sacrifice of law enforcement and pays tribute to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. We are joining the effort of many organizations nationwide dedicated to honoring America’s law enforcement community.

This year National Police Week is May 11-17, 2014. Please show your support by entering important information to help keep officers safe in the line of duty at www.smart911.com. Read a recent story about how Smart911 helped responding officers: http://bit.ly/1kCniZW

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National Pet Week® is May 4-10, 2014. Always the first full week in May, National Pet Week is dedicated to celebrating the more than 200 million pets that enrich our lives each and every day. National Pet Week was created in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Auxiliary to the AVMA to honor the many important roles pets have in our lives and to promote responsible pet ownership. Our community is full of pet lovers who would do anything to make sure they are safe.  One way to do that is to create a Smart911 safety profile. Head on over to www.smart911.com to get started today.

Whether companion, comedian, confidant or protector, our pets are always there for us and don’t ask much in return. National Pet Week celebrates this bond and encourages pet owners to be certain they provide their best friend with all they need for a happy, healthy life every week of the year.



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There are trees down around the City of Decatur this morning, and some residents, businesses and schools are without power.

The current list of known downed trees and limbs in the City of Decatur, in no particular order:

  • 198 Avery Street
  • 453 S. Columbia
  • 435 & 439 E Lake Drive
  • 114 Olympic Place
  • 928 3rd Avenue
  • 116 Landsdowne
  • 351 S. Mcdonough
  • 928 3rd Avenue
  • 923 S. Candler Street
  • 919 S. Candler Street
  • Oakview and Sring Street
  • Mountainview & Sycamore Street
  • 803 Ponce de Leon
  • 116 Hurron

For the latest weather updates from the City Schools of Decatur, please visit the CSD website.

Please read through the severe weather tips posted yesterday if you have not done so already. It includes important phone numbers and information about registering for Code Red and Smart911.

GEMA’s One Minute Weather Outlook for Tuesday, April 29, 2014:

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Scattered showers to severe storms are expected to move east across Georgia this afternoon into tonight. The combination of moderate instability and strong wind shear could produce damaging winds and even the possibility of tornadoes. The strong and gusty winds from thunderstorms will have the potential to bring down trees that were weakened by the recent ice storms. Some severe storms may produce large hail and frequent cloud to ground lightning. Minor to significant river flooding will continue. A Flash Flood Watches is in effect for portions of far northeast and southwest Georgia through Wednesday evening.

Flood Warnings continue for the following rivers and creeks in Georgia:

Alapaha River at Statenville affecting Echols County
Altamaha River at Baxley affecting Appling, Tattnall, Toombs, and Wayne Counties
Altamaha River at Everett City affecting Glynn, McIntosh, and Wayne Counties
Ogeechee River near Eden
Satilla River at Atkinson affecting Brantley County
Savannah River near Clyo


Expect occasional showers and thunderstorms. Some storms may be severe. Highs will range from 70 to 90.

Tonight will have a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Expect occasional showers and thunderstorms after midnight with lows ranging from 58 to 71.
Wednesday will have occasional showers and thunderstorms with highs ranging from 68 to 88.
Thursday will be mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the south. Temperatures will range from lows between 50 and 68 to highs between 68 and 82.

Extended Weather Outlook:

Weather Links:

National Hurricane Center: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov
National Weather Service: http://www.nws.noaa.gov
NWS Mobile: http://mobile.wrh.noaa.gov
Get Free Weather Alerts: http://inws.wrh.noaa.gov
Mobile GEMA One Minute Weather Outlook: http://gema.ga.gov/weather
GEMA’s One Minute Weather Outlook – Real Simple Syndication (RSS) Feed: http://www.gema.ga.gov/rss_generator.nsf/rss?openagent&uid=BA93D066C88B8164852574F0006626EA

Disclaimer: The information in this document is based on the latest forecast provided by the National Weather Service at the time this document was sent to the recipients. The National Weather Service will update their information and graphics as situations dictate. Please check with your local National Weather Service for the most current information for your area.

State Warning Point
Georgia Emergency Management Agency
Phone: 1-800-TRY-GEMANOAA 4.29.14

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Severe weather is expected to arrive in Decatur between 6 and 8 p.m. tonight and will last through Thursday. Tornadoes, flooding, severe thunderstorms and lightning are all possible during this time.

Here are things to do NOW to prepare for the inclement weather:

  • Make sure you have enough emergency food and water supplies to last for three days per person. If you have pets, make sure you have the necessary supplies to feed and care for them.
  • Register your phones for the Code Red Weather Warnings. This system will alert you to the dangers of severe weather and any other emergencies that require quick notification.
  • Create or update your Smart911 profile. Be sure to include any special medical concerns, especially if anyone in your household requires medical equipment that uses electricity.
  • Review your family’s emergency plan, and remind everyone where the safest place to shelter in your house is.
  • Charge all cell phones and put fresh batteries in emergency radios.
  • Download the FEMA smartphone app for additional tips and emergency information.


  • Always remain calm.
  • Power outages or trees on power lines should be reported directly to Georgia Power at 1-888-891-0938.
  • The police non-emergency number is 404-373-6551.
  • Have a plan to check on any vulnerable neighbors (for example, seniors or those with medical conditions) during and after the storm.
  • When contacting loved ones, a text message is more likely to get through in an emergency situation than a phone call.

Tornado sirens: What you need to know

Decatur has installed four outdoor sirens to warn the community when such a threat occurs. The sirens are located at Glennwood Academy, Winnona Park Elementary, Oakhurst Elementary and the City Schools Administration Building on Scott Boulevard.

What are Tornado Outdoor Warning Sirens?

They are alarms that will be sounded to alert citizens who are outdoors that a tornado may be imminent. They are not designed to be heard inside a home or other building.

Who decides to sound the sirens and when will I hear them?

Sirens will be sounded by personnel in Decatur’s Police Communications Center when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for the Decatur area or when a tornado is spotted by a member of public safety. The sirens will sound for three to five minutes.

What should I do when I hear the siren?

Take immediate cover. Go indoors to a safe room at ground level or below with as few windows as possible. Basements are usually the best option. If you are in a vehicle and see a tornado approaching, get out immediately and go to the lowest floor of a sturdy, nearby building. If a building is not available, lie flat in a nearby ditch or depression and cover your head with your hands. Be aware of the potential for flooding. Do not get under an overpass or bridge. You are safer in a low, flat location. Never try to outrun a tornado in urban or congested areas in a car or truck. Instead, leave the vehicle immediately for safe shelter. Watch out for flying debris. Flying debris from tornadoes causes most fatalities and injuries. Stay in a safe place until the weather improves.

How will my family be alerted indoors and at night?

Everyone must take personal responsibility to monitor radio and television weather reports when severe weather occurs. In a crisis, the Emergency Alert System instantly interrupts radio and TV broadcasts to provide emergency information. The National Weather Service (NWS) uses the system to alert the public to emergency weather information and dangerous conditions. EAS warnings are also transmitted on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio. Since neither the sirens nor the media may alert you indoors at night, we recommend that households and businesses have a Weather Alert Radio, which sounds an alarm when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning. If you buy a radio, we strongly recommend you purchase one that is programmable with your local county code.

More information about tornado safety can be found at http://www.ready.gov/tornadoes

Rainfall Amt Forecast

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But for now, a reminder to create or update your Smart911.com safety profile.


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