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Thanks to the “Fuel Up to Play 60” leadership team for colorful hopscotch boards that they have created at four locations around the City.  The Fuel Up to Play 60 program is a collaboration between the NFL and the Dairy Association to encourage healthy, active lifestyles for kids.  They are holding a youth ambassador summit this week at Agnes Scott College with over 200 student leaders and educators from around the country.


Need a reminder about how to play hopscotch?  Here you go,

  1. Throw a small stone, twig, beanbag, or coin into the first square. (If it lands on a line, or outside the square, you lose your turn. Pass the marker to the following player and wait for your next turn.)
  2. Hop on one foot into the first empty square, and then every subsequent empty square. Be sure to skip the one your marker is on.
  3. At the pairs (4-5 and 7-8), jump with both feet.
  4. At 10, hop with both feet, turn around, and head back toward the start.
  5. When you reach the marked square again, pick up the marker — still on one foot! — and complete the course.
  6. If you finished without any mistakes, pass the marker to the next player. On your next turn, throw the marker to the next number.
  7. If you fall, jump outside the lines, or miss a square or the marker, you lose your turn and must repeat the same number on your next turn. Whoever reaches 10 first, wins.


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Intends To Explore Roles That Will Continue Her Passion For Great Local Government

Decatur City Manager Peggy Merriss announced her retirement from the City of Decatur effective December 31, 2018. Merriss joined the city staff in 1983 as the personnel director, committing to serving two years. She held that position for six years and was named assistant city manager in 1989. In 1993 she was named city manager and celebrated twenty-five years as Decatur’s city manager in June.

In announcing her retirement Merriss said, “I have been very fortunate that the community has elected outstanding City Commissioners who have supported innovation, risk-taking and outcomes that further the mission and vision of the City of Decatur. I have also worked with the most enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced public employees in the world. I cannot imagine having had any other opportunity that would have been so fulfilling.”

During her tenure the city has renovated or rebuilt all city facilities including City Hall, Decatur Recreation Center, Fire Stations 1 and 2, Public Works, and the Beacon Municipal Complex that includes the new Police Department and renovated Ebster Recreation Center. All of the City Parks have been renovated as well.

The MARTA plaza was reimagined and rebuilt to make the area more pedestrian friendly and more appealing for shopping and dining. Underutilized parking lots were redeveloped with residential housing units – first condominiums and then apartments. And most recently Decatur purchased the former Children’s Home with its 77 acres of greenspace.

Under Merriss’ management, the City of Decatur maintains a strong financial position by continuing to utilize conservative fiscal practices and by making strategic decisions that support the community’s vision. The City maintains a Standard & Poor’s AA+ bond rating and a rating of Aa1 from Moody’s.

In June, the National Civic League named Decatur as a 2018 All America City in recognition of its work toward inclusive civic engagement, addressing critical issues, community policing, and its commitment to issues of equity and inclusion.

Mayor Patti Garrett said, “All of us have reaped the benefits of Ms. Merriss’ visionary leadership, her ability to think creatively, and her passion for developing a strong management team. She is an innovative thought leader, a model of integrity, and has a unique ability to help the city pursue vibrant community engagement and healthy infrastructure while maintaining strong, conservative fiscal management for the city.”

Decatur operates under a Council-Manager form of government which means the City Commission hires a professional city manager to run the day-to-day operations while the Commissioners formulate policy. Decatur has only had two city managers in the last 45 years – Curtis Branscome served as city manager for 20 years and Merriss has served for the past 25 years. “The city is fortunate to have had the continuity of excellent, consistent and innovative leadership from local government professionals who care about local government and who work day-to-day to implement the community’s vision.”

Garrett said the City Commission will engage an executive search service to recruit applicants for the city manager position. She also said the process will include an opportunity for input on the characteristics, traits, and experience the community would like to see in a city manager. The City Commission will make the final decision and their intent is to appoint someone by the end of 2018.

Merriss is a resident of the City of Decatur and said she intends to stay in the community and remain active in local government professional organizations as she explores roles that will continue her passion for great local government. She was the first woman and the youngest person to serve as President of the International City County Manager Association (ICMA) in 2002. She currently serves as the chair of the ICMA-RC Board of Directors and will continue in that office. Click here to see Merriss’ Community Statement.

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0704 logo

Join the Pied Piper Parade as it makes its way through downtown Decatur on Wednesday, July 4. Gather friends and family, ride your bike, walk or skate in this community parade for anyone and everyone. Neighborhoods and organizations are encouraged to make floats and join the fun too. And don’t forget your red, white, and blue!

Parade lineup is at 5:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church Decatur, 308 Clairemont Ave. Pedestrians will gather on the lawn and vehicles will be lined up by volunteers in the parking lot. The parade begins at 6 p.m.

The concert on the square starts at 7 p.m. in the Community Bandstand, featuring the Callanwolde Concert Band. Fireworks begin at dark (approximately 9 p.m.).

This event is sponsored by the City of Decatur and the Decatur Business Association. For more information, check out http://www.visitdecaturgeorgia.com/see-do-play/special-events/fourth-of-july

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Since Independence Day falls of the first Wednesday of July this year, we have decided to test the Tornado Outdoor Warning Siren System this afternoon (7/3/18) at 5:00 p.m. The test should last approximately one minute. Should the weather become inclement, the test will be postponed until Thursday, 5 July 2018.

If you have questions or want more information about the siren system, check out the Siren page on the City’s website or contact Police Lt. Barry Woodward at 404-373-6551.



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UMCH Aprl 30 Meeting

UMCH Meeting.2

The Decatur community took another step forward in the master planning process for the former United Methodist Children’s Home property – arriving at a single, unified concept for the 77 acre site’s future uses and programming.

Click here for details and to hear the June 26 presentation.

 UMCH Meeting



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A revised draft of the East Lake MARTA Station LCI Study, responsive to neighboring concerns voiced during an additional round of community input meetings, is now complete and ready for review in advance of consideration by Decatur’s Planning Commission and City Commission.

Read about the changes that occurred and access the final document here.

The revised draft is the final draft that will be presented to the Planning Commission on August 14. The City Commission will consider it on August 20.


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Beginning July 2, the City of Decatur Sanitation department will be collecting comingled and glass recycling. We will no longer be using a private contractor to provide this service.

What does this mean for you?

Your recycling collection will remain on the same day as your scheduled sanitation day. Please continue to separate your glass recycling from the comingled recyclables. See below for what can and cannot be recycled.

Potential Impacts

While your collection day remains the same, the time when your recycling is collected may change.  . Please be patient during the transition period. If your recycling has not been picked up by 3:30 pm on your recycling collection day, please contact the Public Works Department at 404-377-5571 or sanitation@decaturga.com.

Glass Recycling Bins

All glass must now be placed in a red recycling bin. You may use your existing red bin or request one by contacting the Public Works Department at 404-377-5571 or sanitation@decaturga.com.

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2018 Shield_Decatur

The City of Decatur has been recognized as one of 10 cities selected by the National Civic League (NCL) for the 2018 All-America City Award (AAC). The National Civic League presented this honor to recognize Decatur’s work in inclusive civic engagement to address critical issues and create stronger connections among residents, businesses and nonprofit and government leaders.


NCL President Doug Linkhart explains the importance of using inclusive civic engagement: “These finalist communities are building local capacity to solve problems and improve their quality of life.” Projects submitted by Decatur included the Better Together Initiative, Community Policing, and the I Am Decatur project, a collection of portraits and stories from a diverse cross-section of the community who make Decatur the city it is.


Other winning communities include:

Springdale, AR, Stockton, CA, Longmont, CO, Las Vegas, NV, Charlotte, SC, Kershaw County, SC, Mount Pleasant, SC, El Paso, TX and San Antonio, TX.

All-America City Awards

All applicants submitted their community-wide work on equity and civic engagement and three projects for consideration. Finalist communities presented their projects and their communities to a jury. Decatur’s presentation demonstrated the results of the Better Together Community Action Plan, the Police department’s intentional focus on community engagement and training, and the I Am Decatur portraits and stories that represent the diverse backgrounds and lifestyles of community members.


To learn more about these projects visit:

Better Together: decaturga.com/better-together-community-action-plan

Community Policing: decaturga.com/pdstrategicplan

I Am Decatur: iamdecatur.com


To view the presentation visit https://www.facebook.com/decaturga/

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Photos by Beate Sass from the I Am Decatur collection.

Photos by Beate Sass from the I Am Decatur collection.


Innovation, inclusion, connection – What makes Decatur your All-America City? The City of Decatur is a finalist for the National Civic League’s prestigious All-America City Award, which recognizes the work of communities using inclusive civic engagement to address critical issues and bring all voices to the table. Representatives from the city are in Denver now to present the Better Together community action plan, community policing strategic plan, and the I Am Decatur project. Check out these initiatives and cheer Decatur on! Tune in for Facebook Live streaming from the awards ceremony tomorrow at 1:40 p.m.



The City of Decatur's delegation at the 2018 All-America City Awards

The City of Decatur’s delegation at the 2018 All-America City Awards


Learn more about the National Civic League and the All-America City Award here.

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Photo by @brittkall on Instagram


Decatur Days of Summer are officially here – and we want to see how you celebrate them! We’re asking our community to share local summer-fun photos with the hashtag #decaturdaysofsummer on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and enter to win sweet City of Decatur swag from now until Labor Day (Sept. 3). Get out there and show us your favorite hang-outs, scenes, shops, patio dining spots, double-scoops with sprinkles on top… allll the summer vibes!


Official rules:

1. One (1) winner will be randomly selected from the list of users that submit their #decaturdaysofsummer photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Entry begins at 12 p.m. on 6/21 and ends at 11:59 p.m. 9/3.

2. Submitted photos may be shared, with credit for the photographer, by the City of Decatur across social media streams.

3. Contest winner will be notified via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter post or private message. Contest winner must be able to pick up their prize at Decatur City Hall, 509 N. McDonough St.

4. The City of Decatur is not responsible for any issues or problems that arise after the winner claims their prize.

No purchase required.

The odds of winning are subject to the number of users that submit #decaturdaysofsummer photos.

By submission of an entry, or participation in this contest, each entrant or participant agrees that they hereby waive, release, and forever discharge, the City of Decatur, Georgia, and Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, actions, and causes of action of every nature and kind, arising out of their use of Facebook/Instagram/Twitter in this contest.

This contest is sponsored solely by the City of Decatur, Georgia, and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

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