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Tropical Storm Zeta came through the area with a vengeance on Thursday and it is continuing to wreak havoc around the City today. Over 30 trees came down during & after the storm and city crews & Georgia Power crews are doing their best to clear the debris and restore power.

We understand your frustrations if you are still without power or if there is a tree blocking the roadway preventing you from easily getting through the City. Please be patient and do not attempt to remove any part of the tree yourself. If the tree is still there, it is likely that a live power source is on it and it is not safe to touch. The City is working with Georgia Power to address these areas. Use this time to check on your neighbors and help us get the word out about staying safe.

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UPDATE 10/28/20 1:15 p.m.: The tropical storm watch has been upgraded to a tropical storm warning. A tropical storm warning means tropical storm-force winds are expected somewhere within this area within the next 36 hours.

The National Weather Service in Peachtree City has advised of the potential for severe weather conditions tonight into Thursday due to Tropical Storm Zeta.

Currently, much of north and west Georgia are under a tropical storm watch as well as a flash flood watch until midday on Thursday, 10/29. The main impacts include:

• Heavy Rain (widespread 2-4 inches)

• Flooding and flash flooding

• Strong and Damaging Winds (could down trees/power lines)

Here are ways you can get prepared now:

  • Keep updated on the latest weather by tuning in to your local weather channel and downloading a weather notification app so that it will notify you when a television or radio isn’t nearby.
  • Sign up for the City’s Smart911 notification system to receive emergency weather alerts should your property be included in a storm predicting polygon.
  • Determine a safe place to shelter in the event of damaging winds or a tornado. Look around your place for helmets, pillows, e.g. anything you can use to protect your head in the event of flying objects in high winds. As always, it’s good to be on the lowest floor of a house or structure since winds are less strong near the surface.
  • Charge your devices including smartphones, laptops, etc. now, and leave them charging. 
  • Clear sidewalks and drains near your property of fallen leaves; however, do not push into the street as the additional material in the roadway could block storm water drains.

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