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 decatur_city_limits_small_proof (2)Worthmore Jewelers in Decatur will make a special art presentation to  Mayor Floyd at the Decatur Beach Party. Worthmore Jewelers just celebrated their one year anniversary in Decatur and wanted to thank the city, the community, and the Mayor for their great efforts in making Decatur the best place to live and own a business. Worthmore Jewelers and Decatur Artist Kim Wolfe will be presenting Mayor Floyd with Kim’s latest work titled “Decatur City Limits” at the Decatur Bandstand at 7:15 p.m.

Kim has quickly become known for her popular piece “Atlanta City Limits.” Being a Decatur resident for the past 7 years, Kim is passionate about “Decatur City Limits”. She has been working hard for the past 8 months, and her attention to detail has paid off with another exciting piece. Please stop by Worthmore Jewelers on East Court Square anytime between now and the Beach Party (please check www.worthmorejewelers.com for hours) and sign the card for Mayor Floyd and get a sneak preview of “Decatur City Limits.” While you are in Worthmore be sure to enter to win a $50.00 gift card that will be awarded to one lucky person at the Beach Party presentation.

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