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Look for this graphic on the City website

Look for this graphic on the City website

The former Waste Managment Advisory Board, working with the Public Works Director and the Special Events Coordinator, has produced a guide  for “greening” events, block parties and other gatherings in the city of Decatur. The brochure is available for downloading at www.decaturga.com or at Decatur City Hall.

The Guide offers many tips for planning a special event beginning with selecting the location, planning purchases to minimize waste on the front end, planning for recycling and food waste and more. The guide also encourages planners to educate the attendees on protecting the environment.

The Decatur Business Association has already jumped on the “green” wagon. Food vendors at the June Beach Party will be required to use biodegradable paper goods as well as recycle plastic, glass and cardboard. The Public Works Department will also be on hand to distribute information on the City’s recycling plan and give out tattoos with the recycling logo. As you may know, all city sponsored events currently include both trash cans and recycling containers for plastic, metal and glass. We hope to encourage all event planners, both large and small, to recycle and produce greener events.

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