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DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management will be smoke testing the sewer system from March 19 through April 20. The testing will take place at various locations throughout the City of Decatur.

From the Watershed Management notice:

This will enable us to detect any defects in the sewer system. You may experience smoke escaping throughout your sewer inside the house, do not be alarmed. In the event (which is extremely rare) this does occur the smoke is harmless, just open a window and it will escape the house.

For more information, please contact the DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management at 770-621-7230.

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Scott Peacock and Mayor Floyd at the Georgia Organics Conference

Scott Peacock and Mayor Floyd at the Georgia Organics Conference last week

Stay home Monday morning or, better yet,  schedule your DVR to record The Today Show because Decatur’s Watershed (superstar) chef, Scott Peacock, will be making his chicken and dumplings recipe for Matt Lauer and the gang on the morning of March 30. 

I would be jealous of The Today Show cast for getting the chance to try his chicken and dumplings, but really I just feel sorry for them. Unlike us lucky Decaturites, Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira et al., don’t live anywhere near Watershed. That means their lives are devoid of Scott Peacock’s Tuesday night fried chicken dinners, Creamy Stone Ground Shrimp Grits and Butternut Squash Pancakes. It can’t be easy being a non-Decaturite.

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