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bad sidewalk

Sidewalks covered in leaves and debris like this one are not fun – or safe! – for students (and adults) to walk on.

It’s back to school time, which means you’ll be seeing more children and teens walking to and from school during the week. Decatur residents have invested millions of dollars in the installation and maintenance of sidewalks, but all too often pedestrians find themselves in unsafe situations where a sidewalk is overgrown with residential landscape plants or covered with slippery leaves or landscape debris.

Per city code, residents are responsible for the upkeep and de-littering of their property all the way to the curb. Please prune plants to behind the edge of the sidewalk and make sure there is at least seven feet of clearance overhead so that pedestrians don’t have to dodge low branches as they walk.

Keep the sidewalk in front of your home clear of debris and vegetation in every season. The children (and adults) depend on you to keep the neighborhood safe for walkers.

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