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Some of the city employess group that volunteered

Some of the city employee group that volunteered

Decatur’s 7th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Project held in partnership with the Decatur Preservation Alliance was a resounding success! Approximately 1,040 volunteers worked throughout the weekend, including around 30 City of Decatur employees. There were 200 more volunteers this year than in 2008! Volunteers were eager to pitch in wherever they were needed and many worked multiple shifts.

Thirteen seniors’ homes were on the repair list, and an additional 17 homes received yard work. Volunteers also did yard work for the people with disabilities that live behind the Solarium. There were a total of 1200 bags of yard waste collected!



Volunteers enjoying their Chick-fil-a lunch

Volunteers enjoying their Chick-fil-a lunch


Volunteers and several of the seniors came to the celebration dinner hosted by the Community Center of South Decatur that was held on Monday evening. It was wonderful to talk with them and hear how much it meant for them  to be helped by the volunteers. There were lots of hugs all around!





Thanks to everyone in the community that came out to help.



Photos are by Marcia Lampe.

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