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What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

Take a close look at this photo and figure out what is wrong. Correct- the cars are stopped in front of Fire Station #1 even though there is a sign reminding drivers to keep the street clear. In fact, a second sign was recently added to remind drivers to look at the first sign. The lines in front of the station were also widened. Still, cars blocked the entrance, and more importantly, the exit, to the fire station. I know I don’t have to explain why this is not a good practice and why I want to remind everyone to keep Fire Station exits clear in Decatur and everywhere you drive.
This is how we want to see the same scene!
fire sign
And while on the subject of signs…….I was on my way home on Monday night stopped at the crosswalk on East Trinity and saw one of our City Commissioners walking to the Commission meeting. The Commissioner made it half way across and luckily “peeked” around the cars to make sure no one was coming.  Luckily our Commissioner stopped as the car coming down the road sped right through the marked crosswalk. Today’s other sign reminder:  always assume someone is crossing at marked crosswalks and slow down when you see this sign…….
cross walk sign

Have a great weekend here in Decatur, and stay safe!

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