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Nearly two years in the making, Decatur’s emerging Storm Water Master Plan is now ready for prime time. For the next month, we’ll be collecting final input on the present draft as we move our way towards formal adoption later this year.

Hundreds of residents and others helped shape this draft and together we’ve identified 101 areas of concern with appropriate ways to address them. We now have 73 proposed storm water projects to decrease flooding, protect water quality, provide flexibility in implementation, and increase the capacity and stability of stormwater management in the city.

Need to drill down on specifics? Mark your calendar and join us online September 16 at 6 p.m. for an overview presentation and opportunity to ask questions of city staff and their consultant team. For more information and to register, visit www.decaturnext.com.

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The city’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) process wrapped up its second phase in May after four drill-down sessions explored  details of  the following regulatory topics:

Community character: What is it? Does it matter, and how/if should it be regulated? Participant sentiments were diverse, from increased control over details like house size and lot coverage to loosening up regulations currently in place to removing some regulations altogether.

Storm water management and the balancing of individual and community concerns. For example, those at the top of a water flow may feel differently about adding a large, impervious patio than those at the bottom of the flow dealing with a flooded basement fueled by increased runoff. The meeting explored ways to broaden residents options for meeting storm water requirements easier and possibly less costly through the use of trees and green infrastructure.

Sustainability with a focus on high performance and “green” buildings, as well as issues such as outdoor lighting, animals, and unbundled parking.

New Zoning categories leveraged in service of the City’s housing goals that emerged during the 2010 Strategic Plan were presented for consideration and discussion.

Phase 3 of the Unified Development Ordinance, which includes distilling the community conversation into rules for consideration, is currently underway. The UDO team began responding to all feedback received in May. The timeline moving forward is:

June: Preliminary direction presented to the UDO citizen Steering Committee; City Commission updated on progress; initial drafts reviewed by city staff.

July: Full draft released for public review via DecaturNext.com; drill-down issues addressed via Open City Hall.

August: Full draft presented to City Commission. Review and comment period opens, followed by second draft late in the month.

September: Comprehensive draft presented to Planning Commission and City Commission.

Visit  www.decaturnext.com for ongoing coverage on the process so far and moving forward and share your thoughts on the issues raised.

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storm waterWeather permitting, Reeves Contracting plans to start installing the new storm sewer on Church Street south of East Maple on January 2.  The new storm sewer will extend from East Maple down Church Street towards the CSX railroad and then east on East Howard Avenue.

Businesses on Church Street between East Maple Street and East Howard Avenue should notify patrons that once work begins, traffic will be limited to one-way in the southbound direction, so they will have to approach this area from East Trinity Place.

On-street parking on Church Street will be limited in the immediate area of construction. A schematic plan illustrating temporary traffic changes can be viewed here.

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